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Fitline Antioxy

Fitline Antioxy
Super antioxidants Fitline Zellschutz is probably the best set of powerful natural antioxidants, which can be found here.
Antioxidants are vital in today's polluted and busy world. Many scientists believe that regular intake can prolong life by 20-30 years and to improve its quality. This is due to their ability to neutralize free radicals (highly reactive molecules that damage the structure and function of living cells).
The accumulation of free radicals is chain-cell damage and lead to degeneration, aging and disease, even cancer. Free radicals cause cell damage in at least three ways:
1. Demolition of the cell wall, leading to cell death;
2. Destruction of cell organelles, leading to impaired vitality, various diseases and premature aging due to cellular dysfunction and hypothyroidism;
3. Demolition of DNA in the nucleus, leading to serious problems in decoding the genetic information and possibly malignant degeneration (cancer).
The body has its own antioxidants, but they are not always able to cope with the environment and burdened with ever increasing negative factors. The main sources of free radicals are solar energy (due to ozone hole), pollution, pesticides, smoking, certain drugs (especially chemotherapy and radiotherapy), a plane flying at high altitudes, the strong stress and others.
Super Antioxidant Fitline Zellschutz protects all cells from degeneration and is extremely useful in:
  • active or passive smokers;
  • daily moderate to high exposure to air pollution - car exhaust, work in an environment with high concentrations of toxins and others.;
  • exposure to chemicals or radiation overdoses;
  • overexposure to sunlight;
  • negative effects of congestion;
  • increased risk of cardiovascular, liver, degenerative and cancer;
  • prophylactically to all people who want to slow aging and maintain in good condition after your body, the 35-40;
  • in the first trimester of pregnancy to reduce the risk of congenital anomalies;
  • to keep young, healthy, supple and well-looking skin and reducing wrinkles;
  • to prevent varicose veins and slowing their development, if it occurred. Synergy - the whole is greater than the sum of the parts
Fitline Zellschutz is a powerful combination of ingredients, selected after careful study. Each of them alone has a beneficial effect on the body, but when combined their beneficial effect is enhanced even more.
From the perspective of holistic medicine this product is particularly interesting in that it brings in the human organism selected and harmoniously combined substances.
Observations over the past 400 years suggests that antioxidants is completely harmless and has amazing health benefits. Used across Europe and is known as "food of youth" because of its ability to strengthen collagen and elastin - the main ingredients of the skin, joints and blood vessels. He began is also recommended by many progressive doctors in the U.S. and Canada.
Fitline Zellschutz is water soluble and is absorbed very well by the body. Once in the body remains active 72 hours. It was found that an antioxidant is 20 times better than vitamin. C and 50 times - from vitamins. E.
Perhaps you remember that the enzymes may be involved in the transformation of cancer-causing chemicals. Bioflavonoids, in turn, can interfere in the activities of these enzymes and thus have a positive effect.
This specific combination of bioactive ingredients can help us to enjoy longer and quality of life, be healthy and look younger. It may help to prevent than eighty diseases, including cancer, heart disease, arthritis and most other germs apply non of illnesses associated with harmful chemical effects of free radicals.
Numerous studies have shown that oral intake of certain flavonoids significantly slows the growth of cancers in laboratory animals. Fitline Zellschutz is a powerful antioxidant that cleans with a broom as free radicals and is perhaps the main candidate for further research on cancer prevention.
Fitline Zellschutz decreases much more effective than vitamin. Well, the damage inflicted on tissues by free radicals. He as well as vitamins. C, a beneficial impact on health and brain, protects nerve cells through its unique ability to cross the blood-CSF barrier. Furthermore, reduces inflammation, improves circulation and relieves the state affected by diabetes, arthritis and stroke and protects against cardiovascular disease and cancer.
Fitline Zellschutz is improved peripheral circulation and restores the lost activity of capillaries and blood vessels. Also stabilized red blood cells and maintain the needed flexibility, strengthens weak blood vessels by stabilizing collagen and elastin as a result prevents
It has long been known that the strength of the capillaries were suffering from high blood pressure, reduced to pathological values. If hypertension is combined with weakness of the capillaries, the likelihood of stroke and bleeding of the retina is greatly increased. High blood pressure alone does not cause burst blood vessels, it is because of their reduced resistance and increased permeability. The resistance of the capillaries can also be normalized by regular use of Fitline Zellschutz.
Pycnogenol is very important for brain function, not only because it protects blood vessels, and because it is one of the few orally antioxidants that easily pass the blood-CSF barrier to protect brain cells. The researchers believe that it improves sluggish memory and unhelpful because it is beneficial to blood circulation and cellular nutrition.
Here are some of the previously observed beneficial effects of Fitline Zellschutz:
  • reduces the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, premature aging;
  • strengthens and rejuvenates skin, improves its elasticity and smoothness;
  • reduces allergies (especially effective for hay fever, psoriasis, caused by sun damage);
  • has a positive effect on blood circulation (anti-inflammatory, strengthens capillaries, veins and arteries and makes them more resistant to injury);
  • relieves varicose veins, swollen legs and chronic venous insufficiency, reduces the risk of phlebitis, swelling and inflammation;
  • prevents and helps recovery from heart attacks and strokes;
  • act favorably on the joints (improves their flexibility, reduces pain in swollen joints and the negative effects of sports injuries);
  • helps the treatment of peptic ulcer;
  • increases the vitality of all cells, reducing the effects of stress, strengthens the immune system;
  • improves eyesight and memory;
  • reduces diabetes complications (angiopathy);
  • relieves hay fever, asthma, chronic fatigue, etc..;
  • protects the body from aging, degeneration and cancerous degeneration.
Allergies and Fitline Zellschutz
What many doctors and researchers from Finland, Germany, France, Holland, Britain and others. European countries recommend first for hay fever and related allergies, an antioxidant, since it is the most efficient and gives the fewest side effects. Specifically in relation to hay fever, they think it is extremely efficient, safer and cheaper than most synthetic drugs.
An allergy is associated with the release of histamine from the cell. Pycnogenol and other bioflavonoids prevent the release of histamine and therefore they are much better approach to allergies than the use of antihistamines.
Hope for MS sufferers and their families
It has been shown that MS is associated with immune system problems. It is possible that immune cells begin to attack than common viruses and bacteria, as well as myelin on their central nervous system.
The damage inflicted by free radicals are a major factor in the dysfunction of the immune system. Antioxidants help to restore these functions. The activity of immune cells can be restored or increased with his help. When using Fitline Zellschutz is the number of leukocytes increases.
Tselshuttsa crosses the blood-CSF barrier and protects the brain in several ways: reducing free radical damage, improves the resistance of neurons to hypoxia; strengthen the small blood vessels and improves circulation-, reduces inflammation in direct proportion to the dose.
Especially important is that Fitline Zellschutz heal itself blood-CSF barrier and therefore does not allow passage of leukocytes and antibodies in brain tissue. This leads to the autoimmune process - a fundamental mechanism of damage in MS.
За болните от MS на практика комбинацията от супер антиоксидант Fitline Zellschutz, Fitline Activize and essential fatty acids Fitline Omega 3 gives hope to reduce the damage from the disease and restoration of function due to improved nutrition of the brain. A great advantage is safety and many other beneficial effects on the body as a whole.
Poor concentration and hyperactivity (k/s)
Fitline Zellschutz favorably influenced as neutralize the destructive effects of free radicals in the bloodstream even before the attack, irritated and inflamed cells of the nervous system.
This achieved the following results:
  • general calming effect;
  • greatly increased attention and mental ability to focus over a problem or task;
  • reduced impulsive behavior;
  • reduced aggression;
  • subjective feeling of psychological comfort;
  • increased control over their own thoughts.
In children and adolescents, the effect is expressed more in:
  • improved ratings in school;
  • increased discipline and restraint both in class and at home, improve relations with brothers, sisters and peers;
  • increased efficiency and improved cooperation with teachers and parents;
The products that we recommend to achieve the best results are:

Clear brief action of the product and put themselves content and then
The products that we recommend to achieve the best results are:
Fitline Q10
Fitline Omega 3
Fitline Pro Shape
Fitline Gelenk
One or two times daily 7 g powder (a yaaena spoons) is dissolved in 150 ml water. Drink in the morning and at lunch 20 minutes before meals.
Packing 450 g
Produced by GPS standard
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