Saturday, 22 September 2012

Fitline Basics

Fitline Basics

With extracts of fruits, vegetables and cereals, fiber, live lactic acid bacteria and enzymes to provide maximum care for our digestive system.

Complete intake of low-cost :

supplies the body with various plant enzymes and micro-ballast substances

  • revitalization of the intestinal flora
  • improve digestion
  • the immune system
  • optimally supply the body with nutrients
  • protect cells from oxidative stress
  • low glycemic index

Packing 600 g.


Oat bran, pea fiber flour guarovi seeds, Acerola, apple fiber, pectin, vegetable powder, vitamin C, vegetable enzyme complex, inulin, rice bran, yeast, green tea extract, grapeseed extract, lactic acid cultures , curcumin, vitamin E, beta carotene, fruit sugar.

Orders by phone +968 92525105 (10% discount and free delivery to any city in orders by phone or e-mail)

Here you will find everything for your health.
With experience of over twenty years of market Balgraskiyat in improving quality of life.

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