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Fitline Basics Junior

Fitline Basics Junior

The more early care your child to eat a balanced and optimized to obtain sufficient essential vitamins and minerals as likely to grow healthy and happy is greater.
Due to rapid growth and's load in school meal for children usually do not cover their needs for nutrients. This may adversely affect growth, ability to concentrate and defenses of the child.
In creating the right conditions, the organism of the child can easily cope with pathogenic bacteria. In addition, each successful rescue and the tide of infection, the child's body becomes stronger.
Avoiding antibiotics makes the child more resistant to infection, retains his health and his genetic potential.
There is only one way to quickly and safely deal with infections. The key is in the best working and stronger immune system, because it is responsible for the defense of our body. Children will be healthy, happy and playful, as long as they strengthen their body with the necessary vitamins and minerals.

How does a strong immune system?

  1. The immune system creates a barrier and prevents germs from entering our body.
  2. With the penetration of germs into the body of a person's immune system finds them and kills them before they multiply.
  3. If pathogenic microbes fail to reproduce, the immune system takes over the protective effect of the body and keep it until you remove all the germs.

How to improve the defenses of the child?

There are several ways to strengthen the immune system and they are:
  • annealing of the child;
  • protection of children from harmful substances (the child needed fresh air and good food);
  • stimulate mental development of children (say, the more laughs the child the more firmly);
  • child should be healthy food (food that they provide all the necessary vitamins and minerals

If children have difficulty learning, the problem may just not be in their intellectual abilities, but in inadequate or poor nutrition. Growing human brain requires a lot of food - especially one that provided him with enough energy and balanced amount of substances.

Fitline Basics Junior is:

· Basic product for children under 14 years 
· With 11 essential vitamins (vitamin C, vitamin B, provitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin K) for a healthy immune system 
· With minerals like calcium and magnesium for better bone 
· Sugar 
· Gluten 
· A unique combination of ingredients that comply with the requirements of the child 
· With prebiotic inulin for good intestinal flora also helps absorption of calcium and magnesium 
· With minerals from milk concentrate for better absorption and healthy bones 
· Good skills absorbed 
· To enhance the taste of orange, can be drunk alone or added to the favorite drink of the child - eg. fruit juice, milk, cocoa and others. 
· A noticeably better and faster biousvoyavane 
· Low-glycemic index to maintain good blood sugar level

For grown children and recommend products Fitline Fitness DrinkFitline Zellschutz

7 g powder (2 tablespoons equal spoons) are dissolved in 50 ml voda.Priema is once daily in the morning.
Packaging: 210 g

Produced by GPS standard
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