Monday, 24 September 2012

The FitLine® Products

The FitLine® Products

Effectiveness, Quality and Safety of the FitLine® Products
Health is one of our most valuable commodities – this is clearly indicated by the huge growth in the market for nutritional supplements during the last few years. Unfortunately, many products with low standards of quality have also been washed onto the market. How is it possible to separate the wheat from the chaff?

One unmistakable criterium is certainly manufacture according to the international quality standard (GMP/ISO). This is not obligatory! However, only 5% of nutritional supplements are produced according to it – the FitLine® products are among them.

Beyond this quality standard, we have developed our own standards to improve the effectiveness of FitLine®. Because it is only effective products that are taken over a long period. Our two concepts, which are unique world-wide, NGP® (Nutrient Group Product) and NTC® (Nutrient Transport Concept) stand for the quantitative and qualitative composition of the products, their effective synergy and, above all, their so-called bioavailability – their absorption into the body. Thanks to those concepts, the FitLine® products can develop their effects exactly where they are needed – in our billions of cells.

Effectiveness, quality, safety – that is what makes the FitLine® products excellent and unique.

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