Saturday, 22 September 2012

Fitline Omega3 plus vitamin E and vitamin D

Fitline Omega3 plus vitamin E and vitamin D
Omega 3 / Omega 3e important essential fatty acid that contributes to healthy blood vessels, helps prevent depression, to nourish the brain cells to lower cholesterol, speed up metabolism and others. Fatty acids are good for the body and necessary for human health. Essential fatty acids work well on skin and hair, helping to reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of blood clots. Studies have shown that Omega 3 are anti-inflammatory effect and can help reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and arthritis. Fatty acids contribute to good metabolism by increasing the action of enzymes that burn fat.
Omega 3 is recommended for candidiasis, depression and stress, cardiovascular disease, eczema and others. Omega 3 is needed for normal development and functioning of the brain. Unsaturated fatty acids are needed throughout life, but are especially important during pregnancy. Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins. D support the development of brain and nervous system, eyes and blood.
    What distinguishes this product from all other similar omega 3-containing products is that it is soluble in liquid form - the first in the world - which means faster and high quality learning and action.
    • contains essential Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids
    • contains natural vitamins E and D in high quality
    • optimize important blood parameters
    • with vasodilating and blood pressure lowering effect
    • prevents clogging of the vessels (arteriosclerosis) and thus protects against heart attack and stroke
    • unique patented technology allowing 5 to 10 times greater absorption than capsules
    • double action of the combination with vitamin E
    • highest stability without preservatives
    • extremely accurate and convenient drip dosing system
    35 drops once daily.
    Packing for 1 month, 50mg.
    10% discount and free delivery to any city in order +968 92525105 or
    Here you will find everything for your health.
    With experience of over twenty years of Bulgarian market in improving the quality of life.

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