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Fitline Gurment Shakes

Fitline Gurment Shakes
Fitline Gurment Shakes are able to solve the complex practical problems associated with the formation of healthy food menu.
First, shakes present in the optimal combination of all necessary amino acids, vitamins and trace elements. Moreover, shakes optimize the composition of food nutrition made ​​fully consistent with the real needs of the body, both the qualitative composition and energy impacts.
Second, given the minimum calorific value, thanks to the specially selected stock Gurmet shakes quench hunger and save this man from accompanying symptoms during each diet.
Third, the use of shakes does not require a further loss of time and attention. It is simply mix the dose of the product in water or milk and drink this pleasant drink. Finally, it is simply delicious product, the use of which appear very positive feelings. In the case of regular usage, shakes are able to solve two main tasks of zma - to fill the missing components in the diet and limit entry into the bodies of excess fat, carbohydrates and cholesterol. Using the shake is a first step towards a balanced and healthy diet, which means a first step towards preservation of health and longevity.
You will forget about these unpleasant symptoms such as bloating and stomach discomfort right sub costal zone. In contrast, lowering the toxic load will increase your mental and physical performance. And yet, frightening hunger you will not presledva.Sheyka virtually no flaws. This is a universal weapon in the fight for health and longevity.
Fitline Gurment Shakes contains:
  • high protein
  • essential amino acids needed to maintain muscle mass.
  • ballast substances facilitate digestion
  • vitamin C concentration and ability
6 tablespoons 42 grams dissolved in a glass of water or milk. In one container has 10 servings.
Packing 420 g
Produced by GPS standard
New: Fitline Gurment Shakes sweetened with STEVIA
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Here you will find everything for your health.
With experience of over twenty years of Bulgarian market in improving the quality of life.

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