Saturday, 22 September 2012

Fitline Kits For Wellbein

Fitline Kits For Wellbein
This is a kit for cellular energy that it needs further by Q10 and Omega 3 in order to feel vital throughout the day.
- Q10 supports the procurement of energy for the heart and immune
- Omega 3 promotes healthy cardio - vascular and circulatory system

The kit contains a count of the following products:
Fitline Activize
Fitline Basics
Fitline Restorate
Fitline Omega 3
Fitline Q10
Produced by GPS standard
New: Fitline Kits For Wellbeing sweetened with STEVIA
Read for stevia and why it is preferred by companies. 10% discount and free delivery to any city in order +968 92525105 or
Here you will find everything for your health.
With experience of over twenty years of Bulgarian market in improving the quality of life.

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