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Fitline Restorate

Fitline Restorate
What are minerals in the body Fitline Restorate?
Minerals are inorganic substances in minimal play a key role in the implementation of vital physiological processes. Like vitamins, they are a source of energy but also as they are responsible for carrying out biochemical reactions. Furthermore, some of them are valuable and constructive function such as calcium and phosphorus.

Utilization of mineral substances and their metabolism, their involvement in biochemical reactions in one form or another is subject to strict scrutiny. Thus, healthy individuals in terms of rational and varied diet can itself determine the intensity of the absorption or excretion of micro and macronutrients, the degree of their utilization or storage in suitable forms available to the cells.
The absence or scarcity of an item leads to more or less pronounced symptoms and specific clinical signs or changes in laboratory values​​, and sometimes abnormal imaging and functional studies. Back - the increased presence of some elements in the body is not harmless. Usually the balance is impaired in the disturbance in the mechanisms of uptake, release and exchange of control that element. Individual stands exogenous import of toxic doses.
Daily requirements for some minerals amounted to more than 100 mg to grams or more. They are called macronutrients. To this group calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassium, chlorine, sulfur.
Fitline Restorate contains:
  • 8 vital minerals and trace elements: calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, copper, chromium and selenium - optimally matched in volume ratio:
  • natural vitamin D is needed for calcium absorption
  • calcium is a crucial element in the proper development of bones, muscles and heart muscle
  • calcium, magnesium and selenium are involved in the development of bone marrow
  • calcium, magnesium and potassium are important for the nervous system and heart
  • zinc, selenium, magnesium and calcium stimulate the proper functioning of the endocrine glands
  • iron is a component of the blood pigment hemoglobin, which transports oxygen from lungs to tissues and takes carbon dioxide
Assuming Fitline Restorate will achieve:
  • neutralize the acids and removal of slag and cellulitis (residues accumulated rubbish into our cells metabolic processes)
  • tightness of the tissues in weight loss, pregnant and nursing mothers (iron variant)
  • good looks, skin and hair
  • healthy bones and teeth
  • healthy nervous system and mental comfort
  • healthy immune system
  • best possible physical shape
  • good carbohydrate metabolism
  • good sexual function
In athletes minerals and trace elements help speed recovery after training and competition
One scoop of powder is dissolved in 240 ml water and stir until the effect disappears razgazirane.Pie slowly sip after a meal 1 time daily in the evening.
Packing 200g for 1 month.
Produced by GPS standard
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